Fix “token_http_request_failed”, “name lookup timed out” error in Jetpack

Jetpack is a convenient wordpress plugin that restore’s stats view to your self-hosted workpress site. It’s my most-missed feature, so I really wanted to get it back.

When you install Jetpack, it asks you to authorize at to enable stats collection.

“name lookup timed out” is a frustrating error that means authorization isn’t working. The full error looks like this:

Jetpack could not contact token_http_request_failed. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host.

name lookup timed out

To fix it, use the Core Control plugin to disable cURL as an HTTP transport.

Install Core Control in the usual way.

Go to Tools, Core Control, tick HTTP Access Module 1.0 and click Save Module Choices.


You’ll see a new “External HTTP Access” link at the top of the page. Click it to go to an HTTP debugging page.

Click “Disable Transport” next to cURL. The cURL row should turn orange.


Try again to authorize Jetpack. It should work now!

Thanks to Jeremy Herve, Carlton Bale, and Dion Hulse for documenting the fix on the WordPress forums.

12 thoughts on “Fix “token_http_request_failed”, “name lookup timed out” error in Jetpack

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    • I think that you have to keep it installed.

      I don’t run a self-hosted WordPress any more so I can’t test it.

      Does anyone out there know the answer?

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