Lach’s Superhoot

Thanks to Lach and Henry’s Cellar Bar for putting on such a good show at Lach’s Superhoot last night! Well impressed by the quality of the local talent.

This is a list of as much of my favorite stuff as I can remember. I’ll add to it as I find the links.

Mike Brown

A virtuoso tapper and slapper of all parts of the guitar. A ridiculously coordinated pair of hands.

See Mike’s bedroom on Youtube and listen on Soundcloud.

Swing Time

Like a one-man Caravan Palace.

Lake Montgomery

Lake spent two weeks in a French jail for not carrying a passport. France sounds like a very racist place. Can you help me remember the name of the song she sung about it?

Like Lake on Facebook, hear newer stuff on Reverbnation, and check out older stuff on Myspace.


Loud Poets

A collective bringing back spoken word to the masses.

In their own right they’re great, but deserve extra credit for competing in this scene with something other than music.

Lach’s night is open to all. It’s usually saturated with singer-songwriters.

Tongue Tied

Love got your tongue? Stop saying dumb things and listen.

[youtube_sc url=]

Beatbox Harmonica

They did this with more words.

I can only beatbox badly, so I really enjoy when others do it well.

[youtube_sc url=]

Billy Liar

The Forest crew showed their well-deserved support for this dude. Not only does he make a mean bean pizza, but he sings too!

Billy has his own website.

All I’ve Got

It’s not all as singalong as this, but when you’re drunk with your mates, this goes down well.