How do you search a different active directory domain?

Sometimes you’ll see a a service account in SQL Server that you can’t easily find in Active Directory.

Say you want to find the service account for processing Adverts.

$ Get-ADUser -Filter "Name -like '*Advert*'" | Select Name

No results. Damn!

This was frustrating until someone reminded me that it was probably outside the corp domain that holds the mostly human users, like me. Your domain is the default domain for the AD cmdlets.

So how do you search other domains?

Use Get-ADForest to list all the domains in your forest.

$ (Get-ADForest).Domains

Use the -Server parameter of Get-ADUser to override the default domain value. It’s oddly named, but it’s basically synonymous with Domain. (It actually refers to an instance of Active Directory Domain Services.)

If you want to search all the domains, just set up a pipeline.

Select UserPrincipalName at the very end to distinguish the different domains.

$ (Get-ADForest).Domains | % { Get-ADUser -Server $_ -Filter "Name -like '*advert*'" } | Select UserPrincipalName


Thanks to Steve Mahoney on the forum for explaining this.

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