What’s that object?

Good article from Thomas LaRock on why he tibbles. Read the comments, especially from Gail Shaw.

If you do everything through the SSMS GUI, then maybe you won’t think of it. But this works just fine.

SELECT [name], [type_desc]
 FROM sys.objects
 WHERE [object_id] = OBJECT_ID(N'dbo.WhatTheObject');

Is that what Karen Lopez means by ‘try harder’? It’s not even hard, just tedious.

It’s not pleasant, but sys.objects works for me.

Anything else is a bonus. I think we all agree we need better tools.

Calling tables or views Dim or Fact is applying Hungarian notation to make up for a deficient type system.

The database engine doesn’t have Dimension types or Fact types, just tables. The objects have the same interface, but the semantics are different.

Making them look different is the best you can do without a tool to leverage extended properties.

Phil Factor blames migrations from Visual Basic for its popularity in the SQL Server world, but I think he may be confusing Hungarian notation with plain old tibbling.

I’m too young to know, but thanks for the legacy all the same!