HTSQL is a comprehensive navigational query language for relational databases.

Advanced Query Language

HTSQL is a complete query language featuring automated linking, aggregation, projections, filters, macros, a compositional syntax, and a full set of data types & functions.

Relational Database Gateway

HTSQL requests are translated to efficient SQL queries. HTSQL supports different SQL dialects including SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Web Service Integration

HTSQL is a web service that accepts queries as URLs, returning results formatted as HTML, JSON, CSV or XML. With HTSQL, databases can be accessed, secured, cached, and integrated using standard web technologies.

Embedded Reporting

HTSQL is a backend framework supporting visual dashboard and reporting tools. HTSQL can be included in client-side Javascript or server-side Python applications. HTSQL plugins can provide domain specific customizations.

Development Environment

HTSQL includes a command line and web based query editor with syntax highlighting, context-sensitive completion, and error messages with tips and suggestions.

Communication Tool

HTSQL is used for collaboration among business users, data analysts, and application developers. HTSQL queries can be emailed, embedded in reports, and included in feature requests.


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