Where does SocialSafe store its backups?

Today I used SocialSafe to backup my Facebook profile.

It does a good job of backing up all the content created by me, but it’s not so good at backing up what people have shared with me.

It saves a large version of all the photos I have posted to Facebook, but only thumbnail versions of those shared with me. I really hope they improve on that, because it’s a very promising tool.

The SocialSafe app doesn’t make it clear where it stores your backups, and I can’t find any documentation on their website.

SocialSafe lets you export your backup to files in a place you choose, so why do I want to know?

The export doesn’t contain all the data that SocialSafe has downloaded. Even if it is only thumbnails, I want to see some evidence of the photos that people have shared with me.

SocialSafe must be reading and writing all that data somewhere, so it must be opening files. Maybe we can use handle to find them!

Handle should already be on your path for this to work.

Open a new command prompt and issue this command:

handle -p socialsafe

It will produce one line of output for every file SocialSafe has open.

The full output is about 60 lines. Here’s the interesting part:

3EC: File  (RW-)  D:\Users\iain\AppData\Roaming\com.1minus1.socialsafe.D675411CF670AA3EFAC13BDD847989BEDE2115E2.1\Local Store\Facebook.db

A file called Facebook.db. Looks like a sqlite database file!

Let’s open it in the sqlite shell:

sqlite3 "D:\Users\iain\AppData\Roaming\com.1minus1.socialsafe.D675411CF670AA3EFAC13BDD847989BEDE2115E2.1\Local Store\Facebook.db"

sqlite produces a prompt, so we know it’s a proper sqlite database:

SQLite version 2013-09-03 17:11:13
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"

Use the .tables command to list all the tables in the database:

sqlite> .tables
album                    linkedincertification    searchlog
attachment               linkedincomment          searchlogservice
backup                   linkedincompany          searchlogserviceitem
backupstatistic          linkedincompanylocation  tags
changetrack              linkedincompanyproduct   thread
checkin                  linkedinconnection       threadrecipients
checkintag               linkedineducation        twittercursor
comment                  linkedinimaccount        twitterfavourite
configuration            linkedinlanguage         twitterfollower
diaryviewfilter          linkedinlike             twitterfriend
eventmember              linkedinnetworkupdate    twittermedia
facebookevent            linkedinpatent           twittermention
firstdownload            linkedinphonenumber      twittermessage
friend                   linkedinposition         twitterpage
frontcoveruser           linkedinprivatecontacts  twitterprofile
googleplusactivity       linkedinprofile          twittertweet
googleplusassociation    linkedinpublication      twitteruser
googleplusattachment     linkedinrecommendation   user
googlepluscomment        linkedinskill            viadeocareer
googleplusemail          linkedintwitteraccount   viadeocomments
googlepluslanguage       linkedinurlresource      viadeocontact
googleplusorganisation   linkedinuser             viadeoeducation
googleplusperson         message                  viadeoforum
googleplusplacelived     note                     viadeoforummember
googleplusprofile        noteimage                viadeoforumpost
googleplusurl            page                     viadeolanguage
googleplususer           pageadmin                viadeolikes
instagramcomment         pagefancount             viadeomessages
instagramlike            patches                  viadeonewsitems
instagramlocation        photo                    viadeoprofile
instagrampeople          post                     viadeosmarttag
instagramphoto           profile                  viadeosmarttagblacklist
instagramprofile         rss                      viadeouser
instagramtag             rssfeed                  viadeovisits
instagramuser            rssfeeditem
likes                    rssimage

That’s a lot of tables, most of which are not exported. The friend, post, photo, and profile tables probably are, because that data is included in the export.

The attachment table contains post attachments. The icon column contains the URL of the thumbnail of the post:

sqlite> SELECT icon FROM attachment WHERE icon <> '' LIMIT 1;

You can fetch using a web browser or wget.

I haven’t checked to see whether SocialSafe is fetching those thumbnails when you browse the journal, or if it actually stores the image data somewhere else.