Warehouse-Scale Computing

Google Distinguished Engineer Luiz André Berroso talks first to Sigmod and later the ACM about Warehouse-Scale Computing.

You often hear how Google has multiple massive data centers across the world. He prefers to think of each one as a massive computer supporting a range of Internet services.

He introduces the concept of PUE (Power Use Effectiveness), a ratio that Google uses to measure how power efficient its computers are. It’s the amount of power spent on computation over the total amount of power spent on the computer.

I’ve seen all the Sigmod talk and I’m about halfway through the ACM talk.

Some good quotes (slightly paraphrased):

“I’m not sure what the cloud is, but I think it’s got something to do with my talk.”

“If you have things at the petabyte scale, you can think about them as a data center. A friend of mine recently got paged by the system because there were only a few petabytes of space left. That’s the kind of warehouse scale we’re talking about here.”


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