Uninstall PostgreSQL cleanly

The Windows uninstaller of PostgreSQL 9.1 does not remove postgres service account or the server data directory, for which the default value is C:Program FilesPostgreSQL9.1data.

To completely remove all PostgreSQL artefacts, run the uninstaller, open an elevated command prompt, and issue the following commands:

net user /delete postgres
rmdir /s /q "C:Program FilesPostgreSQL"
del %temp%install-postgresql.log
del %temp%uninstall-postgresql.log
del %temp%bitrock_installer*.log

This performs the following cleanup tasks:

  • Remove the postgres service account.
  • Remove Postgres’s program files directory, which implicitly removes the data directory as well.
  • Delete all log files created during the installation and uninstallation processes. The last command uses a glob because the BitRock installer generates a new file every time it is run.

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